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The Jack B. Nimble Story...

     After Jack was "laid-off" from his corporate job of 11 years, he made the decision to do what he "DOES BEST" ...jump candlesticks!  Jack realized he had a problem in the fact that he no longer had the candlesticks he had jumped over as a young boy. What was Jack to do? That is when the "Candle" in Jack's head burned bright. Jack thought... What if I start making my own candles that I can jump? and so he did. A week or two later Jack realized that his beloved family and friends had no candles to jump over either.... This time the "Candle" in Jack's head burned even brighter. Jack knew just what to do, and in October of 2023 Jack started his candle factory (not Chocolate) and named it Jack B. Nimble. Jack realized that times had changed significantly from when he was a young boy jumping candlesticks to now with E Commerce, electronic devices and the internet.  Realizing that candlesticks were dangerous and prone to fire from being knocked over, Jack then decided to "upgrade" his candles to a more user-friendly experience. Being ECO & Environmentally friendly, Jack decided that he would make all of his candles with SOY wax, cotton or wooden wicks and in safe glass vessels. He also decided to use natural & organic oils, strong fragrances & scents, and eye pleasing wax dyes. Jack's pledge to you is: to work long hard hours making the finest candles he can, and that he is open to any suggestions, comments, wishes you may have. Jack is so dedicated to his craft that he offers a 100% guarentee on all of his goods & services.  



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